Twol Shess

An early client of the crew, the leader of the Tooth and Nail gang is ambitious and cowardly.


A larger Quarren, wearing almost pristine white suits whenever seen in public, he was met by the crew on Boztrok. His gang, the Tooth and Nail, was a smaller gang caught in the plots and shifts of the more influential denizens of Thokisl’s pervasive gang warfare. He discovered an incriedbile opportunity when a gentleman named Tanner Vum, who Twol had hired to keep tabs on bigger gangs, finally found a great opportunity to make a place for the Tooth and Nail. While riding the city tram, Tanner noticed the wife and child of Londo Gafal, the leader of the Bone Dicers, had taken the tram to visit him. Unfortunatly, Twol’s only real agent had been found by another gang’s members and was left to die in the street. By and incredible stroke of luck, the crew of the Crimson Pride (currently flying the Red Mistress) had saved his agent from death and contaced Twol directly.
They just so happened to be looking for work, so Twol hired them to ransom the wife and child for 200,000 credits. The ambitious crew members said he could go for half a million. This made Twol nervous, worried that Londo might consider that offer to be outrageous, but he went along.
To his surprise, the crew was victorious, and secured Londo’s wife and son. Twol’s nervousness did not lessen when he heard of the crew crashing into the Black Brush with the hostages, but Twol had organized a meeting place and requested that Londo be there. So he found an angry and impatient crime lord, who’s only problem with killing Twol was the well-being of his family. Twol sat with the man for nearly an hour, sweating beneath his white suit.
The crew emerged from the Black Brush and brought the hostages with new bandages. Twol was certain that Londo would kill them all.
To Twol’s amazement, the crew tried to raise the price even further, but Londo’s wife pulled away from the crew and blamed them for letting her nearly die at the hands of a panther. Twol almost immediately leaped for cover but the crew overpowered Londo and forced him to call off his snipers.
The Tooth and Nail was never the same. Suddenly calls from the Hutts began to assault his holoterminal, he had new weapons and members, and his name was known in Boztrok. He had gone from nothing to the top.
The power, wealth, and respect, naturally, got to him, and he became ruthless, terrified of ever going back to the bottom of Thokisl. The Tooth and Nail has become bloodthirsty, and few would dare to oppose them now.
Twol’s new goal is to take the Tooth and Nail off the planet and expand across the galaxy.

He loves: His followers
He hates: Competitors
He wants: To be respected, even if that means he is feared

Twol Shess

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