Tanner Vum

A man who's unremarkable nature only makes him more useful as an informant.


+12 Gather Information, +10 Deception, +7 Acrobatics, +11 Knowledge (social sciences)


Picked up on Boztrok by the crew of the Red Mistress, Tanner Vum was a nobody by trade.
Tanner lived an uninteresting life on Boztrok, working as an informant for gangs across Thokisl, hoping to get the upper hand on each other. This job made him as many allies as enemies, so he had to move around town often, spending all of his money to pay for multiple flats.
A quiet man, he draws little attention unless he knows dirt on you, which he keeps records of on his datapad.

He loves: his crew mates
He hates: chaotic people, people who make decisions on impulse
He wants: to start his own information broking business

Tanner Vum

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