Pawamp aka "Wampa"

The muscle and communications controller of the Red Mistress, Pawamp is a tough customer.


+10 Persuasion (reroll and take second when Intimidating), +16 Mechanics, +9 Athletics, +10 Knowledge (technology)


A train co-operator from Boztrok, he was discovered and recruited by the crew of the Red Mistress.

A difficult to reach person, Pawamp is closed to most of those around him. Finding a rare friend in Dota, he bonded surprisingly quick to the Nautolan. Growing up in the rough and tumble streets of Thoksil, Pawamp learned how to fight quick. Born on Kashyyyk, he left the planet with his father after his mother passed away in birth. They moved about the galaxy too fast to call anywhere home until an accident in the atmosphere caused their personal shuttle to crash on Boztrok. This left Pawamp without a home and a father. He fought his way to the capital and carved an existence in blood and survival instincts.

Like much of his species, his strength and technical savvy are great, and he finds little respect for those who do not show their worth first.

He loves: strong willed people, champions, Dota, people he considers friends
He hates: cowards
He wants: to return home to Kashyyyk to raise a family

Pawamp aka "Wampa"

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