Dota Keem

A hopeless romantic and sentimental, Dota is moral support and systems operator for the Red Mistress.


+9 Persuasion, +8 Perception (can reroll and take second when sensing deception, take better underwater), +7 Endurance, +11 Knowledge (physical sciences)


Bota was found by the crew of the Red Mistress on the planet of Boztrok.

Dota was an underpaid train operator in Thokisl, with only one friend in Pawamp, his co-operator. He lived in a run-down flat and had barely any ability to defend himself amongst the daily gang wars. He has lived long enough to get off planet because of Pawamp’s threatening demeanor and strong arm. He provides emotional support for the angry Wookie in return.

He is a very sentimental person and likes to contemplate the emotional.

He loves: Wampa
He hates: people who take advantage of others, bullies, large underworld figures
He wants: to find a mate of his own

Dota Keem

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