Aloysius Xavier Capone'

Four armed, chian smoking, binge drinking, trigger happy mobster from plannet Joi-Z


“Aloysius Xavier Capone’ at ya soyvice.” “The ladies can call me Al.”

Standing about six and a half feet tall, this slender, four armed, Near-Human has alabaster white skin. His eyes are golden horizontal slits usually hidden behind a pair of shades. His grin bears two rows of shark like teeth that perfectly accommodate his ridiculous cigars . Typically wears a pinstripe suit and fedora.

He specializes in automatic weapons, preferring to spread his blaster fire across the field. In his lower two arms he holds a blaster tommy-gun, equipped with “Little Friend”, a grenade launcher upgrade. His upper arms maintain an Uzi and of course, his cigar.

He is naturally dexterous but lacks physical strength. He is also an uncanny shot with a rifle, but his automatic weaponry causes his aim to appear very sloppy. He however, believes it’s more effective to pepper his enemies constantly, rather than make one direct shot.

“Because who needs luck, when you don’t give a fuck eh?” ~ Aloysius


“I was born on a refugee transport commin’ outta tha’ Unknown regions. Ended up in an orphanarium, doin’ tha’ dance like da other kids soz I could get adopted or whateva’...” He takes a pull on his cigar, the three braided papers burning evenly. “We didn’t get an allowance or nuffin’, soz me and some of da otha’ kids started pickin a few pockets ya know? And wit four hands I was quite the ‘Artful Dodger’ so to speak eh?” He flicks the ash off the end of his cigar and puffs it again.

“Cheated and lied my way through schoolz. Not like I wasn’t smart or nuffin’, just didn’t care. Once I was an adult they booted me out, soz I joinz the Republic Military. Figured I’d learn a real trade, maybe get a real job one day, big mistake. Was a mechanic and pilot for about 10 years. Was thinking of ending my sentence when one day the boyz come runnin’ to me ‘Aeey!’ They sayz. ‘Ya gotta come see dis dame what just transferred in! Looks just like ya!’ They sayz. An’ sure ‘nuff, four arms, white skin, and da most beauty-full green eyes eva’... Carmella.” He pauses and takes several more puffs, obscuring his face.

“I decided to stick around for a while cuz a’ her. We hit it off, made a pretty good team too, medic and mechanic. She’d fix the soldiers and I’d fix the ships. We took it pretty slow during the next few years, but decided we ‘otta get married once our term was up. Had plans for a big mansion on Alderaan… wit patios an’ waterfallz an’ shit… We got deployed though. Small skirmish in da’ outer rim, no big deal eh? Turned out to be a pretty big deal actually. I just remember a lotta’ explosions, then I was pinned under da’ wing of a ship. Before I know it I’m staring a thermal detonator right in the face. Out of nowherez she jumps on it and sayz: ‘I been waitin’ my whole life to do dis’ ... I didn’t realize what she mean by that till a long time later.”

“I went unconscious, ended up a P.O.W. for a few days till the boyz swept back through the area and got us outta there. I was supposed ta report back, but I just hijacked a fighter in the mechanic bay. Piece a’ shit was broken, barely made it to a port before the engine blew up.Last four years I’ve been using my ‘talents’ to do a little illicit business. Made pretty good bank too eh? A little bootleggin’, drug traffic, arms dealin’... Even got in tha prostitution gig for a bit. Nothin’ like dat trade da Hutts got goin; Swanky establishmentz, high class ladiez. Thing was… Local gangs had a grudge against tha place, barely got outta that job wit my ass intact.”

Aloysius Xavier Capone'

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