• Aloysius Xavier Capone'

    Aloysius Xavier Capone'

    Four armed, chian smoking, binge drinking, trigger happy mobster from plannet Joi-Z
  • Nisha Khal

    Nisha Khal

    A wary, cynical cathar girl with an unfortunate past and a special knack for shooting the everloving heck out of things.
  • So'Lath


    A meek Selkath book worm, who has knack for healing.
  • "Coil"


    A retired smuggler, this man has endless contacts and a soft spot for the talented crew of PCs.
  • Dota Keem

    Dota Keem

    A hopeless romantic and sentimental, Dota is moral support and systems operator for the Red Mistress.
  • Draba the Hutt

    Draba the Hutt

    A decadent Hutt, for whom luxury and respect comes first.
  • Kelmut


    A street knifer gone tailor, this eccentiric gentleman has finally hit it big.
  • Neela


    A street urchin who sadly stayed below the upper levels of Coruscant, she lives on the pocket change of others.
  • Pawamp aka "Wampa"

    Pawamp aka "Wampa"

    The muscle and communications controller of the Red Mistress, Pawamp is a tough customer.
  • Sool


    An innocent genius, her categorization skills and extensive knowledge makes her as much a hassel as an asset.
  • Tanner Vum

    Tanner Vum

    A man who's unremarkable nature only makes him more useful as an informant.
  • Twol Shess

    Twol Shess

    An early client of the crew, the leader of the Tooth and Nail gang is ambitious and cowardly.