Star Wars: Dirty Work

New Job, New Allies, New Challenges

The Red Mistress hires on some new muscle, just in time for a new job!

While relaxing on Tur Station, above the planet Mavva, the heroes decided to stay for the night. While they left to find places to settle down for the night, Al noticed a strange and suspect sight: a shaved Wookie by the name of Actubac, being pursued by Trandoshan hunters, hoping to take the Wookie’s life for the Scorekeeper’s favor. Al managed to deter the hunters outside of the apartment that Actubac rented, with the help of local security. The hunters were subdued and Actubac and Al spent the night in an expensive suite previously rented by Al. After a long night of debauchery, th group gathered their bearings, recovered from their hangovers, and took a call from their employer, Coil, who sent the heroes to Brentaal to pick up the package for their latest delivery which would be going to Jabiim. Upon receiving the package, a large cube of durasteel on a repulsor sled, the heroes had to avoid a group of bounty hunters who recognized their faces from a local bounty board. The heroes managed to escape to hyperspace and set their ship in the direction of Jabiim.



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