Star Wars: Dirty Work

Separatists on Nar Shadaa

As the mysteries of the Pit deepen, the vile past begins to catch up to the members of the crew.

Upon exiting the Pit the crew is confronted by a wave of Holonet reporters. They question the heroes endlessly, asking for origins, desires involving the prize, learning the team dynamics and asking them to size up the competition. The heroes learn through their questions (and some sleuthing of their own) that Huttball players have been going missing in their beds. Tanner Vum revealed that there had been claw markers and sedatives at the bedsides.

Before the heroes can dig deeper, they realize that they have not heard from their comrade Neela. Upon trying to call her, some minor jamming is discovered, and signs that Neela was in trouble. Aloysius Xavier Capone’ and Actubac were luckily close by and found her running from Separatist battle droids.

A chase ensued, and more battle droids appeared to oppose the heroes. Neela was safely secured and the droids were routed in order to make an escape.

Actubac stayed behind to track the remaining droids to a possible droid commander, who in turn lead him further to a member of Red Optic…



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