Star Wars: Dirty Work

Coruscant Romp Part 2

The visit to Coruscant becomes more destructive than expected.

While the heist was being carried out, Tamriel left on his own to find Rachel, a girl who he had known some time ago. He had stolen her ship and hoped that returning it might convince her to come back to him. After a little investigation, he finds her living quarters and pays her a visit. To Tamriel’s surprise, she seems to have a new lover, a Wroonian man. Tamriel begs her to come travel with him, across the stars and beyond. Rachel doesn’t give too quickly, and her Wroonian boyfriend goes to call the nearest security. The hearest security happens to be Edmund, who jumps at the opportunity to get off the planet.

Tamriel begs her, promising her the galaxy and apologizing for every lie he had told her when they worked together. Rachel sees his sincerity, and with tears in her eyes, chastises him for taking so long to come back. Edmund arrives at that moment, asking for what’s going on. Tamriel, not taking chances, stages an escape, which was cut short when Edmund offered to pay for the passage off-planet….



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