Star Wars: Dirty Work

Huttball, Day 1

After narrowly escaping Red Optic, Coil plans to investigate them fully, while the heroes find their own jobs.

The chase on Coruscant is several Parsecs behind their ship, and the crew of the Crimson Pride catches their breath. Coil is fed up with the intrusions of Red Optic and plans to investigate their activities.

Without Coil to make get them jobs the crew has to find their own. After a bit of searching, the crew finds a number of possible leads. Finding reports of a missing Huttball team the crew decides to see if they could replace the team themselves.

When they arrive on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadda, they make their way through the back alleys to avoid the heavy traffic to the Pit. So’Lath finds an ill Evocii on the way through the dirty and neon-lit city, and cures his Reek Cough. The Evocii refugee’s nearby friend is moved enough to hand Solath a mysterious business chip that simply claimed “NEED WEAPONS? CALL THIS FREQUENCY.”

Upon reaching the back door of the Pit, the heroes are threatened by a menacing Togorian, sharpening a vibroknife. Bearing his sharp teeth, he wishes them luck and safety in the competition, and hopes he gets to be their competitor. Not taking the threat, the crew moves on.

Somehow ignoring the bodies being dragged from the Pit, the crew meets the team manager of the missing his team. He is ecstatic to see his replacements are here, and asks for a meager 40% of the winning pot, if the crew can survive the games long enough to win.

The first match begins, and the crew is confronted with an experienced team. Using twin pronged and defensive maneuvers, the crew nearly loses the game several times, but manages to overpower the Rotworms. The crew, now called the Thrashing Thrantas are the winners of the elimination round.

The next day promises even greater competition…



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